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A locally renowned distributor of contact lenses facilitated by world-class sales team. Established since 2009, where it was founded by William. Being in the industry since 1984, he has close to 35 years experience in the industry

He places strong emphasis on eyecare and advanced quality optical products. Since then, it has grown to a team of a dozen people to having their own building. With his customer service-oriented services, he has built strong relationships in the industry.

Maxim Color Lens

Our Goals

Understanding the current trends along with the demand from the current market, Maxim Contact Lens have taken measures to ensure that their customers are satisfied and pleased with their products.

For the future, we are aspiring to be the top colour contact lens distributor in Singapore, followed by South East Asia.
Contact us below for business enquiries as well as to achieving our dreams together.

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En Qi

En Qi

I think the lenses are super high quality and super comfortable!
Even if im wearing them for long hours its like as if im not wearing anything and not to mention the super pretty designs 😍



The lenses are super comfortable, it is very thin and airy however it doesnt tear easily even when i remove it with my nails extensions on! The colours and designs makes my eyes super attractive and got a lot of people asking me where did i get my lenses from!



I actually wore it since early morning till night and there is no discomfort at all, its still moist. Main thing is that I feel as if there is nothing in my eyes at all.

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