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  • Blog 3
    How do you purchase contact lenses in Singapore?

    Colored contact lenses are generally worn for beauty purposes while taking into consideration their personal prescription too. Moving down this whole blog, we shall explore the things to take note of before purchasing your own comfortable colored contact lenses in Singapore.

  • Blog 2
    Contact Lens? What Is It?

    To understand what you are buying is important but how about the process of buying it? Buying contact lens can seem like a chore sometimes as they are the products that are in direct contact with your eyes and if bought wrongly, they might render you blind, considering the worst-case scenario.

  • Maxim Blog 1 Picture
    Introduction to AOS and Maxim

    Within Maxim Lens, there are a wide range of colors for our customers to choose from. Maxim Lens consists of monthly, daily and toric lens catered just for our customers’ needs in different situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Maxim Contact Lenses?

In compliance to Singapore's rules and regulations, we do not sell contact lenses online. However, you may click on "Local Retailers" on the top banner to check the nearest optical stores around you.

Do you have Maxim Color Contact Lenses with 0 degree?

Yes. We do carry Maxim Color Contact Lenses with 0 degree.

What if my degree is above 500?

You may contact us for more queries should your degree be too high. We're able to custom make the lenses according to your degree. However, do visit an optometrist prior to engaging with us for a custom-made lens.

How long can I wear the Maxim Contact Lenses?

We carry daily and monthly contact lenses. Do ensure to check prior to purchasing from our distributors.