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  • admin | 14th Dec, 2020

    Introduction to AOS and Maxim

    Maxim Contact Lens was founded in Thailand in 2007, when their main company, Maxim Inter-Corporation Ltd decided to have a joint venture with a Korean company. In Singapore, we, AOS Pte Ltd, are the one distributing Maxim Color Lens. We are a distributor of contact lenses that work with various contact lenses brands. We were established in 2009 by Mr William, who has a considerable experience of 35 years in the industry itself. We understand that eyewear is an important thing to everyone and with the slightest mistake in the manufacturing process, customers will experience symptoms like unusual discomfort, pain or eye irritation. The brands that we have chosen to work with have all been chosen carefully to ensure that their quality of their eyewear is superb.

    We have brought in Maxim Color Lens under our wing in Singapore as we recognized the fact that Maxim Color Lens only produced the best quality lens for our customers and nothing less. Maxim lens are comfortable, moist and beautiful. According to our customers, Maxim Contact Lens can be worn for the whole day without feeling much discomfort. With this assurance from our customers, we are truly glad that AOS has taken Maxim under their range of products in Singapore.

    Within Maxim Lens, there are a wide range of colors for our customers to choose from. Maxim Lens consists of monthly, daily and toric lens catered just for our customers’ needs in different situations. Within the monthly lens, we have lenses with different sizes and colors to allow our customers to match their lenses colors with their outfit easier. We have the blue box, violet box, pink box, orange box and the Europa color series under the monthly series portion.

    Our Products

    Let’s start with the smallest lens that we have in our monthly series. Blue box is the smallest lens that we have in our inventory with a lens diameter of 14mm. it has the colors Kiwi, Cocoa and so on. Blue box has another platinum series that caters for slightly bigger eyes of 14.5mm which has the colors platinum gold, platinum brown, platinum gray and platinum blue. 

    In our violet box which caters for slightly bigger eyes with a lens diameter of 14.2mm, it contains the natural colors, Natural Brown and Natural Gray. For our pink box, which is our French Series Lenses, they have the same diameter as the violet box lenses of 14.2mm. It consists of French Trio Brown, French Hazel and so on lenses colors. These are relatively lighter colors in contrast with the violet box lenses. The orange box has one of the biggest lens with a diameter of 14.5mm. Inside this box, we can see elegance brown, Moon Gray, Elegance Black, Chocolate, baby blue and so on. With an abundant of choices, we hope to let our customer to find what they desire the most or what look are they going for and match their fashion together. Lastly, we have the Europa Series which is also 14.5mm and has most of the basic colors of Blue, Green, Brown, Violet, Gray and Black. This is for our customers that prefers simpler colors and style.

    Moving on, we have the Daily Green Box, which has a diameter of 14.5mm and contains 30 pairs of lenses in it for our customer to last for a month. We have a variety of colors such as Smoky Gray, Black Berry and so on. definitely be catering to our customers that have astigmatism too and that will be the Toric Lens Box. It is 14mm in diameter and it has the colors Moon Gray, Choco Brown, Baby Blue and Eb Beun.

    Having explained on who Maxim and AOS is, we hope to give you a deeper understanding of who you are buying from and what do we do. With our wide variety of lens catered to many different eye sizes, we hope to allow our customers to look fashionable and stylish in their everyday life.