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  • Contact Lense

    admin | 21st Dec, 2020

    Contact Lens? What Is It?

    Do you know contact lens are being used by over 150 million people worldwide now? With a huge number of people using contact lens, do you know exactly what are contact lens and where do they come from? Let us share it with you, the idea of contact lens was first introduced in the early 1500s when Da Vinci wants to use this idea to explore mechanisms of accommodation instead of altering the corneal power.

    Many prototypes and ideas were tried out after the early 1500s, but none of them were practical for a human to wear it in their eyes for long periods of time. With the introduction of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), not enough oxygen was able to get through to the cornea and conjunctiva, rendering them impractical if worn for long periods. The principal breakthrough was made when silicone hydrogel was first introduced in 1998. Silicone allows high oxygen permeability with the comfort that conventional hydrogels provide too. Having such a discovery was indeed a best of both worlds, as it reduces dryness in a user’s eyes while still having the same level of comfort that hydrogel provides.

    Now if you are wondering, what does Maxim Color Lens use then? To provide the ultimate comfort, Maxim Color Lens uses Silicone Hydrogel as the material for our lenses and a color lock system located between the contact lens material layers to provide high stability for you. Anything extra from Maxim? Definitely. Maxim Color Lens also reduces Ultraviolet (UV) Rays and reduce eye irritation caused by light. After understanding the history of contacts lens, what is next?

    Pre-Buying of Contact Lens

    To understand what you are buying is important but how about the process of buying it? Buying contact lens can seem like a chore sometimes as they are the products that are in direct contact with your eyes and if bought wrongly, they might render you blind, considering the worst-case scenario. Choosing the right contact lens to wear is of the utmost importance for you and your eyes in the long run. So, what should you look out for before buying your contact lens?

    Firstly, it will be the material of the lenses. Different brands have different preferences for their materials but the main 2 are: Silicone Hydrogel and Hydrogel. Both of these materials are soft lenses. Hydrogel lenses are often the more suitable choice thanks to its unique biocompatibility with the human eye. However, the disadvantage to Hydrogel is that it has a low oxygen permeability and after long hours it will be less comfortable as the moisture will have dried up.

    Silicone Hydrogel has a relatively higher oxygen permeability even with a low volume of water. With its lower wettability, the lenses might dry up relatively faster than other lenses. However, this material is best suited for extended wear as your eyes will stay hydrated with the high amount of oxygen being able to reach your eyes.

    Next, it will be the diameter and curvature. Having a bigger diameter or curvature of the lens does not make it any better than other lenses. However, having a contact lens with a bigger diameter than your prescription might prove to be a problem when you buy the contact lens. If the diameter is too wide, the lens will be loose in the eyes and may slip out of place. It will have a tight fit and cause certain levels of discomfort if it’s too small. Before you head on down to get a your cosmetic lens in Singapore, make sure to follow your prescription strictly or head down to one of Maxim’s closest Local Retailers to obtain a prescription for your eye.

    Lastly, it is the power. We believe that everyone knows how to look out for this feature. So we would like to remind you again, please follow exactly to your most updated prescription and get the power of the lens you need. Needless to say, getting a power that is different from your prescription, you might feel too giddy for a higher power or your vision will be unclear with a lower power.

    Now you are armed with the brief history of contact lens and the knowledge of what to look out for, what should you do now? Head on down to any colored contact lens shop in Singapore to apply your knowledge. With an abundance of cosmetic lens in Singapore, this knowledge will help you to filter out your unwanted lenses choice.