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Ordering Process

How is the ordering process like?

Maxim believes in the quality of our lens and wants to ensure that your eyes are in perfect condition, certified by an optometrist, before lens wear. We place eye health as a priority while not compromising on great offers when you order through the website here!

CAUTION: The degree chosen during the use of the contact lens voucher might not be the accurate degree. It is subjected to change during the visit. The degree inserted is meant to facilitate the administrative process and is not a definite purchase of the selected degree. Orders made through the website must be accompanied by a COMPULSORY EYE CHECK performed by the optometrist of the selected shop and orders must be collected IN PERSON. Your current optometrist or eye doctor should have your existing contact lens prescription.

Ordering process

  1. This is the Shop Page, consisting of all of Maxim Products. You can choose to filter according to colors or price on the left side of the page.

  2. This is the Product Details Page. Once you have chosen the desired product, you will reach this page. Please key in your postal code and click submit to allow our system to generate the list of closest retailers to you.

  3. Once your postal code is submitted, a list of our nearest Local Retailers will be generated. Feel free to choose where you want to collect your contact lenses from. Once the retailer has been selected, scroll down to click on submit to lock in your choice.

  4. After selecting your chosen Retailer, do fill up the specifications such as the power of your lens and other details. Once done, click Add To Cart and proceed to the next page.

  5. This is My Cart Page. Verify your order and your lenses specification, feel free to add the quantity should you wish to purchase more. If you have an existing coupon code, feel free to key it in and Proceed to Checkout afterwards.

  6. This is the Checkout Page. Fill in your Billing details accordingly and revise your order as shown on the screen below.

  7. Check your order and ensure that all specifications and color are correct. Once you have keyed in your Billing details and checked that your order is correct, click on the PayPal button to proceed to Payment.

  8. In "My Account", you will be able to track and view your orders under the "Orders" Tab.

  9. Under the optometrist expertise, he/she will then dispense the lens to you on your selected date when you visit. You have to be deemed suitable for Maxim Color Contact Lenses after the eye check. (May take up from 10 – 20 mins) Take note to only visit the shop 3 – 5 days after ordering as the lens might not be available should you try to collect your lenses early. We will be sending a message when it is ready for collection. Should you want to make any changes or book another appointment, the shop is just 8 digits away!

  10. Hurray, you have completed your basic eye check before wearing the Maxim Colour Contact lenses. Congratulations on getting your lenses from Maxim. Contact us at for any issues and we will get back to you within 24 hours!