Ordering Process

How is the ordering process like?

Maxim believes in the quality of our lens and want to ensure that your eyes are in the perfect condition, certified by an optometrist, before lens wear. We place eye health as priority while not compromising great offers when you order through the website over here!

CAUTION : Degree chosen during ordering of contact lens voucher might not be accurate degree therefore subjected to change during visit. Degree input is meant to facilitate admin process and not as a definite purchase of the selected degree. Orders made through website must have a COMPULSORY EYE CHECK performed by the optometrist of the selected shop and must be collected IN PERSON. Your current optometrist or eye doctor should have your existing contact lens prescription.

Ordering process

  1. This is the product details page, Enter postal code for the select nearest location for the shop.

  2. Select location on the popup to add products in the cart.

  3. Choose your lens colour, quantity and location for the shop.

  4. This is the cart page. After adding all your products into a cart you can then press checkout. You view cart to double-check whether you have chosen the right choices. you can also add your coupon codes in the cart page.

  5. This is the checkout page. Input your billing details and continue to payment. you can also create a new account on this page.

  6. Under the optometrist expertise, he/she will then dispense the lens to you on your selected date when you go down if you are deemed suitable for Maxim Color Contact Lenses after the eye check. (May take up from 10 – 20 mins) Take note to only visit the shop 3 – 5 days later after ordering as the lens might not have reached the shop if you are too early. We will be sending a message when it is ready for collection. In case of any last minute changes or you would like to book another appointment, the shop is just 8 digits away!

  7. Hurray, you have completed your basic eyechecks before wearing Maxim Colour Contact lenses. Congratulations on getting our promotion. Promotion is only valid if you order from the website. Contact us at cs@maximcolors.com.sg for any issues and we will get back to you within 24 hours!