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  • admin | 28th Dec, 2020

    How do you purchase contact lenses in Singapore?

    Wearing contact lenses in this day and age is common throughout the world now as they are replacing glasses or spectacles with the increased convenience they possessed. Often, clear contact lenses are the obvious choices when choosing a lens to wear due to their common vision problem be it either Myopia (Near-Sightedness) or Hyperopia (Long-sightedness). Colored contact lenses are generally worn for beauty purposes while taking into consideration their personal prescription too. Moving down this whole blog, we shall explore the things to take note of before purchasing your own comfortable colored contact lenses in Singapore.

    Firstly, we need to understand what regulations Singapore has for contact lenses. Below, we have highlighted the Singapore Regulations on Contact Lens on the website for your reference. Simply said, orders made online must have a compulsory eye check for you at your nearest optometrist and get a contact lens prescription before you are able to purchase and collect your contact lens. This is to ensure that you have your contact lens with the accurate prescription you need.

    Secondly, we need to recognize the fact that not everything we see online is accurate or trustworthy. Do head on over to Health Sciences Authority (HSA) website’s E-services to do an Info Search on the Singapore Medical Devices Register (SMDR) to check if the contact lenses you are buying are registered in it. HSA’s SMDR helps you to know if the contact lens brand you are buying from is legally supplied.

    Now, you might be thinking “buying a contact lens in Singapore is such a hassle”, fret not, currently most websites have been catered to be user-friendly for you. We have helped you to resolve the hassle by changing it to just a few clicks away to be able to purchase your favorite colored contact lenses here.

    Thirdly, you might want to consider the different aspects of contact lenses before you purchase them, such as those mentioned here in the previous blog.

    Lastly, after you have chosen your lenses according to your preferred choice, time to check out that order and start your whole new journey with the new contact lenses that you have just bought. After this whole process of purchasing, we hope you have chosen the contact lens of your choice from a regulated supplier. This process is important as our eyes are part of one of our five senses with the ability for us to see hence it is important for us to take care of it dearly, by settling only the best for our eyes. Some issues that you might face with unregulated suppliers or low-quality lenses might be infected eyes, swollen eyes or it might even lead to blindness. Can it be that bad? Yes, it can lead to blindness in the worst-case scenario.

    Contact lenses of low quality can cause a huge load of trouble for you. For example, if the contact lens material does not allow much oxygen throughout the day, it will cause your cornea to dry up and it is starved of oxygen resulting in damage to your eyes. If you encounter any red eyes, eye pain, or swollen eyes after wearing your contact lenses, please stop wearing your contact lenses and head to an eye doctor straight away if you know it was due to the contact lens’ material instead of your bad habits. We will talk about bad habits in a later blog to highlight some bad habits we perform while wearing contact lenses and how we can get rid of those habits with some simple tips and tricks.

    To sum it up, the process of purchasing is simply done to ensure that you get your comfortable colored contact lenses for yourself at the end of the day without any repercussions to your eye. If you are always buying from a particular brand, this process will be way faster the next time you purchase from that particular brand. Let’s start your purchasing journey here to be beautiful while taking care of your eyes!