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Wear & Care

Instructions for Use

It is extremely important to take care of your contact lenses. Given that it is exposed to your eyes directly, ensure to use your contact lenses properly to prevent damaging your eyes.

Things to Note

Contact lens
Check to ensure that there is no damage on packaging before use.
Contact lens
Keep immediately after removing lenses
Contact lens
Keep out of cosmetics, hair spray, soap or chemicals and stimulants reach of lens.

How To Wear Your Contact Lens

Contact lens
Put the lens on the index finger of right hand
Contact lens
Pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger.
Contact lens
Pull the upper eyelid with the middle finger of left hand.
Contact lens
Put slowly the lens to the apple of the eye.
Contact lens
If the lens is touched to the cornea of the eye, first release the lower eyelid and then release the upper eyelid.

Removing Your Contact Lens

Contact lens
Identify the lens position
Contact lens
Pull the upper eyelid with the left finger and pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of right hand.
Contact lens
After you get together the middle finger and index finger of the right hand have it with the eyes inside and feel that the lens is touched to hands, you can easily remove with pushing lightly and holding the lower eyelid.

Disinfection and Washing Guide

Heat Disinfection

Fill the saline
Fill the saline about ⅔ to lens case
Soak the cleaned
Soak the cleaned lens and close the top without leaking the saline.
Heat in boiled water
Heat in boiled water for about 10 mins
Lens Case
It is convenient with the use of exclusive sterilizer.

Chemical Disinfection

Fill the preservation
Fill the preservation solution about ⅔ to lens case.
Soaking of lenses
Soak the cleaned lens
Lens Case
Disinfection of lenses
The lenses removed from the eyes must be just soaked in the preservation solution with the disinfection effect.


lens placing
Place the lens
Place the lens in the palm of your hand.
Cleaning of lens
Disinfection of lenses
Drop 1-2 drops of exclusive washing solution
Clean both sides
Rub the lenses lightly in a circular motion for both sides of the lenses.
Rinse Lense
Rinse cleanly with the saline.